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Zeppelintribune Swastika Blown Up


Does anyone know where we could find the video (or have it on their computer and could send it to us) of the US Army blowing up this swastika on the top of the Zeppelintribüne? We've looked for it for two days on google, and aren't really sure what to call it/what to search for, and haven't turned up any results that help.
So, if you could please help or know anyone who could, it would be much appreciated ^_^

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"The U.S. Army blew the swastika from the top of the Zeppelintribüne on 25 April 1945, shown in this sequence of Army Signal Corps photos (a similar motion picture also exists). (National Archives Record Group 111-SC, #205199-205201)"
If you have it, please email it to us at:

Any help would be appreciated ^_^ Thanks in advance!
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