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I have a series of questions I need some people in Europe to respond to. Please???

I know this is a Europe Only community but my target base are Europeans, so...I truly apologize to those who may not like this post and to the moderators.

Please forgive me.


1.) When you hear about "Filipino" or "Filipina" or a person from the Philippines, what first comes to mind?

2.) What are the bad experiences you had with a Filipino or a Filipina?

3.) What are the GOOD experiences you had with a Filipino or a Filipina?

4.) What do your elders/parents think of people from the Philippines?

5.) What is the first thing you think about when you imagine living or visiting the Philippines?

6.) Are people in the Philippines an immigration problem in your area? If so, why and how?

7.) Do you see any cultural similarity between people from the Philippines living in your area and your own culture or mannerisms or attitudes?

8.) Do you think people from the Philippines living in your area stay to themselves or interact with your own people at a personal level (not just in the work place and such)?

9.) What do you think people from the Philippines need to do to be more accepted by your peers, by your country OR what do you think they need to improve on?

10.) Lastly, will you have a sexual or romantic or close or marriage-wise relationship from somebody from the Philippines and if so, what will be the reaction of your family and friends?

Please include your city, country and your age or profession.

Thanks in advance.

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